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The Commonwealth Bank of Australia is Australia’s largest financial institution with approximately 52,000 staff in over 1,100 locations. Uplifting monitor arms are usually extensively within the banking environment including corporate operations, call centres and premier retail branches in several states.

The Requirement

Since a corporate wide decision was made to move the office environment to activity based working, the use of Uplifting monitor arms has increased markedly. In particular the models 7Flex, 7000 and 7045 are used, typically a twin configurations per desk, supporting a laptop and a monitor. The model 7000 is used with a laptop tray while the model 7045, which is particularly suitable in a sit stand environment due to its reach, is used for a dedicated monitor. Locations where Uplifting monitor arms are used include Brisbane, Gold Coast, Newcastle, Sydney, Melbourne and Hobart.

Why Uplifting?

Uplifting monitor arms have also been found to be particularly suitable in a premier banking environment, where a consultative approach to customer relations is required; the flexibility and reach of the Uplifting arms is particularly conducive to sharing financial information in an ergonomically comfortable way.

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