Explore our great range of Monitor arms and Desk mounts to maximise your workspace and optimise your screen viewing angle. No more eye strain and neck pain.

  • Single Monitor Arms

    Single Monitor Arms (11)

    Uplifting's single monitor stands and desk mounts provide fully ergonomic, smooth & precise adjustment to position screens where you need them to be. From top-of-the-line, precision engineered monitor mounts, to simple cost effective desk mounts, Uplifting has a large range to suit all desktop requirements. Monitor screen sizes from 9 inch to 50 inch. Monitor weights from 1 kg to…
  • Dual and Twin Monitor Arms

    Dual and Twin Monitor Arms (11)

    Organize and optimize your desktop with our dual monitor arm options. Improve your visual ergonomics, comfort and personal productivity, with our best-in-class selection. Many options in stock in our Sydney warehouse for prompt national delivery. Order direct from the dual monitor arm options shown below.
  • Heavy Duty Monitor Arms

    Heavy Duty Monitor Arms (4)

    Instantly raise and lower large monitors that weigh up to 20 kg. Rotate 360 degrees at 3 joints for optimal ergonomic comfort and flexibility. Find out more by clicking any of the options below.
  • Multi-screen

    Multi-screen (26)

    Modular multi-screen mounting systems, ranging from dual monitor arms, triple monitor arms, though to quad monitor arm mounts and more.
  • Point of Sale

    Point of Sale (16)

    Point of Sale is also Point of Payment and, more importantly, Point of Service. Uplifting offers modular configurations so customers can really get the point ! Configurations include full motion ‘free float’ gas articulation, static or gas spring dynamic positioning & movement, with multiple mounting options. Easy and quick to configure, single and multiple screen displays. Thru-mounts or clamp mounts,…
  • Monitor Arm Accessories

    Monitor Arm Accessories (18)

    Monitor arm VESA brackets, non VESA clamps, printer trays, EFTPOS trays, length extenders, height extenders, monitor arm PoS cradles, laptop trays, laptop risers, and other monitor mounting accessories.