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62457-7045 Monitor Arm - Switch Wing

$488.00$505.00 Incl GST

62457-7045 Monitor Arm – Switch Wing. A dual mount where two monitors are attached to a single mount.

$488.00$505.00 Incl GST



The 62457-7045 Monitor Arm – Switch Wing allows you to save valuable desk space by mounting two monitors to a single mount with the 62457-7045 Monitor Arm – Switch Wing. Both monitors will float above your desktop, allowing you to quickly and easily adjust monitor height and position. Monitors can be positioned either side-by-side or one above the other.

As the name implies, the 7045 monitor arm is distinguished by its 45 degree angled forearm.  This angled forearm allows a large range of vertical movement,  holding the monitor a little higher than other monitor arms in the 7000 series range. It is particularly well suited for sit-stand workstations.

Save valuable desk space by mounting dual flat panel monitors to a single mount. With the 62457-7045-wing, both monitors will float above your desktop, allowing you to quickly and easily adjust monitor height and position. Add our adjustable wing bracket to the 62457-7045 monitor arm to create a dual monitor arm configuration.  The dual monitors can be positioned either side-by-side or one above the other.

Our adjustable wing bracket allows you to adjust monitors, and also allows rotation. The 7045-Wing incorporates cable management, keeping your work space clean and organised.

Due to its wide range of movement and overall ergonomic versatility, the model 7045 is a popular choice for agile workplaces. The integrated gas cylinder within the monitor arm housing allows users to very precisely move the monitor to where needed. Once the monitor is moved, it is very steady, although any incremental adjustments can easily be made, without any tools. Made of machined aluminium, the 7045 series rotates at three joints, offering an unparalleled range of movement and adjustability. The monitor can be tilted up to 200 degrees, and users can easily pivot the screen from landscape to portrait. Integrated cable management keeps desktops free from clutter.

The model 7045 series monitor arm extends outwards to 55 cm, with a  vertical range of 54cm (relative to the 46cm vertical range of the model 7000). When not in use, it can fold away to just 9cm depth, maximising usable desktop space. The high cup mount can be configured for desk edge, thru-desk, grommet hole or side bolt installation, as standard. Various height and length extenders may also be added at additional cost, if needed.

The 7045 is made in the USA by Innovative Workspaces Inc., the world’s largest dedicated manufacturer of monitor arms, and incorporates all the lessons learnt from many years of ongoing production improvements and customer feedback. A monitor arm design classic for many good reasons: over 30,000 units are in use in Australia.

The Benefits of Monitor Arms in an Agile Workspace

The business world is transforming towards increasing agile workspaces. Agile workspaces are essentially the practice of using the workspace more efficiently: incorporating practices to allow more flexible and adaptable work. This leads to a more productive, efficient and collaborative workspace. An agile workspace is more than a ‘place’. It allows increased productivity and wellness, thereby positively influencing work quality.

Monitor arms are a key factor in the agile workplace. Monitor arms allow for excellent ergonomic versatility. From increasing posture, reducing neck and eye strain, to being extremely flexible and precise; monitor arms are an essential aspect when creating and working in an agile workspace.

PDF Brochures

62457-7045 Brochure

62457-7045 Capabilities

7000 & 7045 Calibration

Switch Wing_Instructions

Flexmount 7000 & 7045 Instructions and Parts

Agility through flexibility brochure


Additional information

Weight 6 kg
Dimensions 580 × 535 × 420 mm
Monitor weight range

up to 13.5 lbs (up to 6kg) per monitor

Screen size

Up to 24" (61 cm) widescreen

Self Assembly

Basic self assembly required


Aluminium, Steel


Black, White


10 years

Monitor Gas Strut

1000n (5.4-14.1kg)

Mount rotation stop

WRS (With rotation stop), NRS (No rotation stop)


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