The 7515-1500 Heavy Duty Monitor Arm is a robust and adjustable monitor arm. Instantly raise and lower your monitor with one handed repositioning. Rotates 360 degrees at 3 joints for optimal ergonomic comfort and flexibility.? Only 10 left in stock.

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The 7515-1500 heavy duty monitor arm is a robust and adjustable monitor arm. From the world’s largest dedicated manufacturer of monitor arms, the 7515 allows easy positioning of your monitor exactly where you need it.

The 7515 desk monitor mount features a Heavy Duty tilter, a spring-assisted pivot for the monitor which makes adjustments remarkably easy, even with larger screens and a short forearm, which allows for a maximum of 531.80 mm horizontal range.

Other features include internal cable management and unique joint bearings for ease of movement.

Available in Silver.

Why buy this:

Capable of supporting monitors from 6 to 15kg, the 7515-1500 is designed for great flexibility. The monitor arm extends horizontally up to 53 cm, with vertical range of approx. 45 cm.

The monitor can also be tilted up to 200 degrees, and pivoted from landscape to portrait. Integrated cable management keeps your work surface free of clutter.

Who buys this:

The 7515-1500 Heavy Duty Monitor Arm is ideal for providing freedom of movement for any large heavy monitor. In Australia this monitor arm is extensively used by air traffic controllers, and other similar control rooms with multiple shifts and larger monitors.

The Benefits of Monitor Arms in an Agile Workspace

The business world is transforming towards increasing agile workspaces. Agile workspaces are essentially the practice of using the workspace more efficiently: incorporating practices to allow more flexible and adaptable work. This leads to a more productive, efficient and collaborative workspace. An agile workspace is more than a ‘place’. It allows increased productivity and wellness, thereby positively influencing work quality.

Monitor arms are a key factor in the agile workplace. Monitor arms allow for excellent ergonomic versatility. From increasing posture, reducing neck and eye strain, to being extremely flexible and precise; monitor arms are an essential aspect when creating and working in an agile workspace.

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Additional information

Weight7.5 kg
Dimensions515 × 441 × 170 mm
Vertical range


Horizontal range


Weight range

6kg – 15kg

Compatible screen sizes

up to 32"





Self assembly

Basic self assembly required

Manufacturer's Warranty

3 years