The Bento Box from Dataflex is a modern product for modern working arrangements. Bringing an ergonomic workstation to all mobile working environments.

  • 4 Adjustable Tilt Heights
  • Laptop Riser
  • In-line Document Holder
  • Secure Storage

$155.00 Incl GST

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Bento Box – Locker to Desk to Locker

The perfect solution for agile and clean desk workplaces.

Activity Based Working and the agile workspace has become increasingly popular in recent years. The rise of activity based working and the movement away from traditional workstations brings new ergonomic challenges. One of these challenges is the ability to work with a neutral posture in varying environments such as the traditional work surface, high tables, breakout areas and soft seating environments. The Bento ergonomic toolbox is the answer to this problem.

Designed by multi award winning Dutch Industrial Designer Robert Bronwasser, the Bento toolbox’s main ergonomic function is an adjustable, compact and mobile laptop riser or document holder that encourages neutral posture and ideal viewing heights/angles of your documents or screen. It also neatly stores all of your gadgets (to adhere to clean desk policy). The Bento Box allows for a mobile ergonomic workstation, not only in the office but as you venture outside the office to a cafe, home or other worksites.

  • Great for hot desking and agile / flexible working environments
  • Can be used as portable laptop stand, tablet stand or mobile in-line document holder
  • Neatly stores office utensils, documents and devices (up to 12″)
  • Soft moulded in-lay protects contents whilst in transit
  • Tilt-able with 4 height settings
  • Removable magnetic support ledge
  • Available in black or white

Additional information

Weight 2.5 kg
Dimensions 390 × 270 × 60 mm



Black, White


5 years