The Laptop Tray allows you to bring the laptop, notebook or tablet up from the desktop, to a more comfortable viewing height.

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Why buy this:

While most modern laptops come with excellent screens and full size keyboards, the close proximity of the keyboard to the screen finds many users hunching over their laptops to type. Raising the laptop up off the desk can help improve your posture, while freeing up room on your desktop.

  • Multi-use for laptops, notebooks and tablet computers.
  • Use your laptop as a second screen in a dual monitor configuration (requires a dual arm mount).
  • Lightweight and robust steel construction, with non slip neoprene mat.
  • Pre-configured 100mm VESA screw mount pattern; fits all Uplifting articulated monitor arms
  • Weighs only 1kg
  • Available in Black

A drop-away lip provides access to ports on the front, sides and rear of the laptop, and a non-slip mat holds the device securely on the tray.

The Laptop Tray can be mounted on any of our lightweight, articulated, monitor arms, including the 7000 series. A monitor arm, with VESA bracket and tilter, needs to be purchased separately to use this product.

Who buys this:

The Laptop Tray is ideal for dual monitor configurations, where a laptop, notebook or tablet computer serves as a second monitor, and also for hot-desking situations where people set up their personal laptops on shared workstations.

The Benefits of Monitor Arms in an Agile Workspace

The business world is transforming towards increasing agile workspaces. Agile workspaces are essentially the practice of using the workspace more efficiently: incorporating practices to allow more flexible and adaptable work. This leads to a more productive, efficient and collaborative workspace. An agile workspace is more than a “place”. It allows increased productivity and wellness, thereby positively influencing work quality.

Monitor arms are a key factor in the agile workplace. Monitor arms allow for excellent ergonomic versatility. From increasing posture, reducing neck and eye strain, to being extremely flexible and precise; monitor arms are an essential aspect when creating and working in an agile workspace.


Laptop Tray

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Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 300 × 240 × 30 mm

Aluminium, Steel



Manufacturer's Warranty

10 years