An iPad Point of Sale that displays your iPad with security.  The 8438 Secure iPad Holder is ideal for reception areas, kiosks, and info booths.

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The 8438 Secure iPad Holder provides a worry-free solution for any iPad with public access. Display your iPad in reception areas, kiosks and info booths without the concern of violation. Suitable for a wide array of different uses, the 8438 is ideal for easy, accessible use in many different environments

Why buy this:

Ideal for businesses in hospitality, retail etc. – the secure holder allows the iPad to be accessible, yet safe with the option of being able to ‘block’ the home button. From the world’s largest dedicated manufacturer of monitor arms, the Secure iPad Point of Sale can be combined with any of our monitor arms for secure self-service or point of sale, as well as a monitor mount.

Who buys this:

The 8438 Secure iPad Holder is ideal for trade show displays, self-check-in facilities and reception areas in most businesses.

The Benefits of Secure iPad Point of Sale in an Agile Workspace

The business world is transforming towards increasing agile workspaces. Agile workspaces are essentially the practice of using the workspace more efficiently: incorporating practices to allow more flexible and adaptable work. This leads to a more productive, efficient and collaborative workspace. An agile workspace is more than a ‘place’. It allows increased productivity and wellness, thereby positively influencing work quality.

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5 years

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