Customer Overview

Rabobank is recognised as the world’s leading food and agribusiness bank. As the premier lender to the agriculture sector, the bank is often characterised as the ‘financial link in the global food chain’.

Originally founded as a co-operative in the Netherlands over 120 years ago, the bank retains a co-operative structure, and reinvests profits in the growth of local businesses, rather than distributing profits to shareholders.

The Requirement

Since establishing an office in Sydney in 1990, Rabobank has grown to 61 branches throughout Australia with 500 people operating out of Sydney head office.

Rabobank consistently receives industry-leading employee engagement scores. The bank is a big supporter of flexible work practices, with a variety of arrangements offered to employees.

Uplifting Applications in Action

As part of this philosophy with the new head office in 2016, Rabobank undertook an extensive refit and re-equipped all employees with Uplifting dual monitor arms to maximise flexibility.

The Uplifting dual arms in a model # 62457-7000-500-8408 combination enable all staff to work with dual monitor screens, with the ability to seamlessly move from workstation to workstation.