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7000/7000 twin monitor arm mounts

The New Agile Office

The business world is transforming. The concept of an ‘agile environment’ is becoming more and more common in workplaces around the world.

The workplace is becoming more adaptable and flexible. An agile environment supports this, through changing and adapting to more flexible environments for the companies’ employees; allowing greater productivity and comfort. For example, products such as sit-stand desks, flexible monitor arms, and comfortable chairs all contribute towards ergonomic positioning, and wellbeing to the worker as a result.

An agile environment allows workers to be more productive and healthy, thereby positively influencing their work. Sit-Stand desks allow the user to alleviate stress on the lumbar, and practice good posture. Additionally, monitor arms, for instance, allow the user to customize the position of their screen- leading to better posture.  A study by Harvard found that good posture improves balance, correct form when exercising, and even to strengthen abilities in a variety of different activities.

An agile working environment is the key to increased productivity and wellness in the workplace. With businesses such as Commonwealth Bank, Telstra, and Deloitte adapting to the agile work environment- it is exciting to see the new, progressive workplaces continue to spread throughout the world.

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