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Will fitting a monitor arm damage my desk?

It’s a common question for home offices: will fitting a mount bracket for a monitor arm damage my table or desktop?

There are two main ways to mount monitor arms to a table or desk: a clamp mount or a through-mount. Clamp mounting is straightforward, just screw the jaws of the bracket together to grip the table edge. Ensure the mount bracket is flush to the edge. The underside of the clamp has neoprene or rubber padding to prevent desktop damage.

With clamp mounting, a few important points:

  • Do NOT clamp monitor arms to glass top desks. These type of desks are not suitable for monitor arms.
  • Check the desktop thickness. If you have a very thin desktop, say 10 mm or less, a monitor arm may not be suitable.
  • Check the weight distribution when the monitor is mounted. Again, if the desktop isn’t sturdy enough, you risk damage.
  • Most commercial grade office furniture desktops of 24 mm thickness will be fine.
  • Commercial desktops of 12 mm thickness are usually OK as well, for single mounts only.
  • Clamp jaws can usually open up to 50 mm width. If your table is thicker than 50 mm you may have to consider a through-mount or a wall mount.

A through-mount is where a hole is drilled in the table top and a bolt inserted through the clamp housing and the table, then tightened with a nut and washer, from below the desk. Generally a 10 mm diameter hole in the desktop is required. The old adage of ‘measure twice, cut once’, applies in these circumstances.

If special hardware is required, contact us at Uplifting . We can generally assist.